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How To Maximize Space At Home

How to Maximize Space at Home

Space or the lack of it is becoming a big issue in cities today. Whether you reside in a small scale self contained bachelor apartment or desire to make more of a small room, a few cognitive and innovative initiatives can make a big difference in optimizing the space in your house. Redesigning or placing

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Success of Online Housing Portals

Until recently, real estate portals were used by home buyers to research on floor plans and price of apartments; however developers have taken this process to the next level. With growing internet penetration, real estate housing portals have changed the whole online marketing experience. They emphasize on making the entire process convenient for the buyer.

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Adding the ‘oomph’ Factor to Luxury Housing

Today’s real estate scenario is experiencing an unprecedented increase in the number of affluent buyers with the aspiration to boast of an exclusive, comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. The country’s changing demographics and rising aspirations have shot up the demand for luxury housing. The concept of luxury is evolving with the upper crest expanding their thoughts

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Eco Friendly Homes

Adding Eco-Friendly Touches to Your Homes

Mahagun as a group always strives to be environmentally responsible and therefore takes recourse to best practices to develop green buildings for a better future. The group continues to place high priority to green technologies to reduce carbon foot-print and contribute to the noble mission of providing a healthier planet for future generations. Most of

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