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Home Automation – A Growing Trend in Luxury Living

Home Automation as a part of luxury housing is a trend that is setting in to stand out. In an uber luxury category where there is scope for budgets conveniently accommodating it as an add on, it is a bold representation of changing times. People have now become very specific about the various features they

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Master Bathroom

Architectural Trends in Luxury Housing

Indian architecture, which has evolved through centuries, was earlier the result of socio-economic and geographical conditions. As a result of vast diversities, a vast range of architectural structures evolved, retaining a certain amount of continuity across history. The beginnings of Indian architecture can be traced back to the advent of Buddhism, a period where large

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Adding the ‘oomph’ Factor to Luxury Housing

Today’s real estate scenario is experiencing an unprecedented increase in the number of affluent buyers with the aspiration to boast of an exclusive, comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. The country’s changing demographics and rising aspirations have shot up the demand for luxury housing. The concept of luxury is evolving with the upper crest expanding their thoughts

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