Success of Online Housing Portals

Posted by on June 1, 2015

Until recently, real estate portals were used by home buyers to research on floor plans and price of apartments; however developers have taken this process to the next level. With growing internet penetration, real estate housing portals have changed the whole online marketing experience. They emphasize on making the entire process convenient for the buyer. Some of the contributing factors leading to the success of these portals are as follows:

Extensive Data Bank: A majority of housing portals prove to be a data bank with vast statistics and expertise on past, ongoing and upcoming real estate projects and other elements associated with it. Whether its about one particular property or a number of properties in noida or any particular area, the data is all there. Buyers can get information on price trends, builder track record, infrastructure within the desired vicinity, inventory demand and supply just by a click and they do not have to physically be present to explore options.


Map based search: Most of the online portals offer map based search which gives the potential buyer a more visual representation of the property and its actual location. Spaces available for rent/sale are linked to a Google map which helps trace the exact location & possible ways to reach it. The buyer can get an aerial view of the locality & other available properties in the area. This also helps ascertain distances & other facilities in the vicinity.

Virtual Walk Through: This feature uses visualization software to convert a set of pictures and helps the developers to present their properties vividly in 360 degrees virtual tours. This helps the buyers manoeuvre through the place as if they were actually on the spot.

Corroboration: In a bid to protect buyers and curb rising incidents of property fraud, property verification is a critical element of these portals. The listings on these websites have actual images of property taken by their data agents to confirm their authenticity.

Online Transactions: The physical availability of a buyer is not quintessential any more to book property online. The buyer may be placed in faraway countries and yet strike a deal and zero in on his choice of property. The services are not just restricted to buying online but also extended to advices on getting finance and preparation of rent agreements.

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