How to Maximize Space at Home

Posted by on November 19, 2015

Space or the lack of it is becoming a big issue in cities today. Whether you reside in a small scale self contained bachelor apartment or desire to make more of a small room, a few cognitive and innovative initiatives can make a big difference in optimizing the space in your house. Redesigning or placing of furniture and home accessories can make all the difference. Mentioned are a few ways to get more out of less and accommodate what’s simply lying around.

How To Maximize Space At Home

De-Clutter – An excess of anything is bad. Irrespective of being cautious of stacking things in the house, we inevitably end up accumulating stuff that is not necessarily required. As a result it gets difficult to organize everything and we end up consuming more space which can be easily avoided. Exert control on your space and stuff and don’t overbuy. De-clutter, remove what is unwanted and keep the rest stored in bed storage, lofts etc. Also limit the number of accessories to a minimum to avoid the cluttered feeling.

Enhance with Colors – It’s a known fact that light and pastel colors create an illusion of large rooms. They also have a soothing effect on the eyes and make the room appear brighter and more open. The color of the floor and ceilings are equally important. A light colored flooring makes the space look brighter by reflecting light. The same holds true for the ceiling. A pastel color on the ceiling has its share of benefits for small rooms and also proves helpful in hiding unpleasant stuff like cracked plaster.

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Accessorize Smart – To make a room look larger than what it truly is, it is important to accessorize in a smart way. The use of wall mirrors for instance is a trick to create a sense of more space. You can also replace monotonous tiles with trendy mirror tiles on an entire wall to make the room appear double in size. Wall papers or paintings on the wall are cost effective and can be changed frequently to change the look of the room. Bright colored accessories against soft tones in the background give a fresh and fashionable look to the room.

Right Lighting – Lighting is a key element in opening up space. Natural daylight entering the rooms through large windows minimizes the use of artificial light and enhances the mood and desirability of the space. In the absence of natural light, artificial lighting can be used creatively in the form of task lighting or a simple accent light. Glazing strategies and shading technology can optimize visual illumination to a desired degree.

Furniture Arrangement – Using furniture that is multi faceted is not only functional but also helps in optimizing space in a room. A compact dining table or bed that can be folded after use can create that much wanted space and make room for other things. Beds with storage can help store furnishings after use and avoid cluttering. A study table that can fold against the wall can convert the study area to an open space for more activities.

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