Engagement On Social Platform Can Help Real Estate Firms Stay Ahead

Posted by on July 1, 2015

Indian real estate is going through a phase of transition in the process of its development, as it is transformed from being one dominated by family-run businesses to one, which adopts a more corporate approach. This has largely been possible due to the entry of international real estate developers, foreign investors and Indian corporate houses into the real estate sector. Moreover, rapid urbanization, increasing levels of income and opening up of the sector to foreign direct investment has brought about a phenomenal growth in this sector.

Engagement On Social Platform Can Help Real Estate

“Anticipating and gearing up for change,” seems to be the emerging motto of the real estate industry. The fraternity across the country has realized the urgent need to present themselves as active participants in the global revolution of using social media to leverage their business. The wave of new thinking has led to adopting social media platforms with a focus on engagement and building community in an attempt to revamp the industry and take their client engagement to a different level altogether.

Facebook today seems to be the favorite tool to interact with clientele and promote services. The business of likes is driving the demand among potential investors. Twitter too is being actively used to underline their presence along with Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube. Social media outreach and online paid ads through online marketing strategies reach a vast category of target audience with a dual intent of creating brand awareness and driving prospective buyers to make inquiries. Social networking platforms have therefore helped to create groups and communities beyond the network of personal reach leading to monetization and positive ROI with a lesser cost-per-lead from digital media in comparison to print media. With the digital medium changing rapidly and online marketing at the forefront of successful sales campaigns. the marketing environment in future will be more dynamic than ever.

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